Our cymbals are "born" on the slopes of Sicily's Mount Etna; this is where the ideas for models and ranges are created and developed. The final design is then transferred to the cymbal heart of Istanbul where master artisan cymbal-makers with more than 30 years' experience hammer and lathe the cymbals, to create something unique: Vulcan Cymbals. Not two cymbals produced in the same range are exactly the same, testifying the totally handmade production. Vulcan lines cross every stage in the history of cymbals: from the great Jazz Drummers of the 1950's with their turkish-made cymbals, to nowadays with so many drummers searching for the "perfect cymbal" for their music genres and visions.

Vulcan is a Shared & Limited-Edition Company: "Shared" because we like to consider every sound needed and every suggestion made from our discerning clients. "Limited" because we purposely do not produce a high volume of cymbals from a range. Vulcan are cymbals with a great deal of personality. Vulcan means to be the one and only.

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