Big Island Cymbals

Big Island Cymbals was founded in 2022 by up and coming Cymbalsmith Russell Lundgren in Kapaau, Hawaii. Russell draws inspiration for his cymbal designs from nature and the beauty of Hawaii. Big Island Cymbals goal in making cymbals is to have a base foundation of traditional cymbal making techniques, while also pushing cymbal designs into new frontiers. 

Russell has been a long time Hawaii resident where he has been playing drums professionally for over 20 years. He studied music at Cornish College of The Arts and The University of Hawaii. He has played with numerous bands and even toured the world for 4 years with various bands. 

Russell's first teacher and first major influence in making cymbals is the Legendary Cymbalsmith Nicky Moon, who he considers will always be his teacher and is eternally grateful for. He also has studied extensively with pioneer and master Cymbalsmith Dave Collingwood who still coaches him today. He is also grateful to Timothy Robert’s and Mike Mongiello who have also guided him from time to time as well. 

Russell offers custom cymbal commissions, repairs, modifications, as well as laser engraving services. Cymbal Swap is an authorized dealer for Big Island Cymbals.

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